Arkansas: Gun Resolutions Filed During Budget Session

Posted by on February 13, 2018 8:50 pm
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Yesterday, two firearm-related resolutions were filed in the Arkansas General Assembly.  In order to be introduced as full bills during the budget session and receive consideration each bill would need to receive a two–thirds vote in their respective chambers.

Senate Resolution 10 is anti-gun language that seeks to roll back the personal protection legislation that was signed into law last year by Governor Asa Hutchinson.  SR 10 would prohibit law-abiding individuals with a valid enhanced carry permit from carrying a firearm for self-defense onto public college and university campuses.

House Resolution 1006 seeks to clarify the cost of training for a concealed carry permit in Arkansas.  HB 1006 also removes the requirement that all training instructors and concealed carry training courses provide training for concealed carry endorsements.

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